Pickio is an application that helps you with your style. Whether you stuck in the fitting room or cannot decide which dress you should take on for the party, upload your photo into the app and let the community vote.

Shopping community in action

Pickio is an app where community helps you get independent opinion on your style. Upload photos from the fitting room, help others by voting and shop items that you like.

Get an answer
Upload photo right from the fitting room to get an independent opinion on your look just in a few minutes. Pickio community will help you decide which dress or t-shirt fits you the best. Make your shopping easier and faster!
Help others
Vote to help other users with the same problem. Pickio is against bullying, that's why voting is anonymous, and we don't have comments.
Do some shopping
Do like the dress that you voted for? You can buy the same or similar! Tap hashtags, and our neuronet will bring to the wanted thing. Shopping with Pickio is authentic because you can see how clothes look on the real people, not photoshopped models.

Become a partner

If you are a retailer, investor or interested in any other type of partnership, please leave your contacts using the form below and we will reach you as soon as possible.

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